Lucas County Chapter

of the Ohio Genealogical Society 

First Families of Lucas County, Ohio

First Families of Lucas County, Ohio — Membership is open to anyone who can document direct descent from a person or persons who resided within the present boundaries of Lucas County, Ohio. The three categories for membership are:
1. Pioneer Category - for ancestors residing in Lucas County before January 1, 1851
2. Settler Category - from January 1, 1851 to before January 1, 1871
3. Centennial Category - from January 1871 to 100 years before January 1 of the present year

The applicant must complete an application form showing his or her ancestor(s), and list descent from that (those) ancestor(s). The application must be accompanied by copy-machine, photo, or other facsimile copies or by exact copies certified as "true copies" by a courthouse official, genealogical librarian, etc., or all document necessary to prove the ancestors settlement in Lucas County within the necessary time period and to prove each step of descent from the applicant to the ancestor. Proof may not be omitted for any step, and all documents must show their source. These will be preserved at the Toledo-Lucas County Library for reference open to other genealogists and for historical records for the future. Applications should be clearly hand-written or printed.

Applications must be accompanied by a check for $10.00 for Chapter members, $18.00 for non-members. This entitles the non-member applicant to a one year membership and a subscription to the Chapter’s newsletter. FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE.

​The completed application must be submitted by May 1 of the current year for consideration for that year’s membership. Certificates will be awarded at the June meeting. Upon completion, all proofs of ancestry will be preserved at the Main Library and will be available to the public for research.