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February Meeting 

​18 February 2017
Program: "A Thread, a Puzzle, a Mystery, a Treasure Hunt?"
Meeting Speaker: William J Priest

Location: TBA

No matter how, or what, we relate it to, genealogy is a hobby that uses all of our senses and knowledge to gather, evaluate, manage and store information.

This presentation will compare our search to:
> assembling a puzzle – taking pieces with odd edges and assembling them into something that makes sense
> solving a mystery – using deduction, like Sherlock Holmes, to find the information we need
> finding a treasure – using clues to find information that helps us fill in holes in our family trees
> following a thread – using it to follow a path to find information along the way

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Fort Industry Reflections,the newsletter of the  Lucas County Chapter, OGS is published quarterly  in January, April,  July, October. We welcome all contributions relating to genealogy and local history.

The Lucas County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society was founded July 1976.  It is a nonprofit organization whose purposes are to foster interest in and the preservation of historical and genealogical materials of Lucas County, Ohio; and to encourage personal family research which adheres to a high standard. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in genealogy and family history, regardless of experience.